Haba Haba Challenge


Don’t just save your money, grow it! Join the Genghis Haba Haba challenge and deposit your money weekly into your Hela Imara unit trust account.

In the Hela Imara fund (money market fund), interest is computed and earned daily.

So at the end of the 52 weeks, not only do you have all your principal amount, but also the interest generated in the time period.

Don’t lose another day! Join the Haba Haba challenge now and see your money grow.

View & Download the Haba Haba Weekly Calendar

How It Works

If you are an existing account holder, use MPESA to deposit your money. Follow these easy steps:

1. Access your Safaricom menu, then select M-PESA.
2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA, then Pay Bill.
3. Enter the Genghis Mpesa Pay bill number, 819392.
4. Enter your Genghis Account number (your unit trust member number).
5. Next, enter the amount to deposit for the week.
6. M-PESA asks you for your M-Pesa PIN.

If you are a new customer, here’s how to open an account:

1. Download the G-Kuze app for android here and G-Kuze app for IOS here.
2. Register and open an account using G-Kuze. The detailed user guide to do so can be viewed and downloaded here.
3. Allow 1 working day for the verification and activation of your account. You will receive a confirmation email with your account number.
4. Once opened, proceed to deposit money weekly into your account as above. Or simply click the ‘Buy’ Option listed under the ‘Unit Trust’ option in the ‘Invest’ Menu.

Contact us on clientrelations@genghis-capital.com, or +254 709 185 000 if you have any questions, or you wish to open a joint or corporate account.

Grow with us.