A-Z of growing cauliflower

As temperatures near 0°C, freezing injury to shoot apices may result in no curd development. High temperatures may cause the plants to regress into vegetative growth and cause small leaves to develop in the curd.

The crop needs well-drained soils, friable and with high water-holding capacity. The best soil pH is 5.5 – 6.5. The crop requires constant water supply for good growth and yields. Hence, where rainfall is inadequate, irrigation water should be available.

Cauliflower is propagated by seed, which are sown in the nursery bed and later transplanted after three to four weeks to rows 60-75cm apart and 45-60cm within the rows.

It is harvested by hand as soon as the curds have attained market size but before they become discoloured, loose and ricey. Marketable heads should be cut with three to four whorls of leaves.

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