Egesa Children
Makina Self-help
Primary School and Adventure Pride Centre

Agencies demolish Kibera houses on Sh2bn road path

Pupils from two primary schools are among at least 30,000 Kibera residents affected by ongoing demolition of illegal structures on the path of a proposed Sh2bn link road. Makina Self-help Primary School and Adventure Pride Centre were taken down in the early morning exercise.Egesa Children’s Centre, a children’s home, was also affected. There was heavy security in the slums as the exercise kicked off at 5am.Officers drawn from various security agencies patrolled the slum as bulldozers brought down the structures.

Kenya’s aviation safety up ahead of direct US flights

The construction of the Ngong Road-Kibera-Kiungu Karumba-Langata link road has been in limbo over fear that the residents will not move out of the road reserve.The link road is part of national government plan to ease traffic congestion in the city, in bid to save the economy man-hours lost by the economy because of jams.

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