Balcony decor ideas

A low-back seat will provide the sense of space that one is usually looking for when sitting at a balcony.

Arrange the seats with the vantage point, which most probably is in a shaded area, facing the garden to enjoy the lawn and flowers.

Novelty-shaped wicker chairs are a good solution to terraces because they have an outdoor feel.

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To give a pop of colour to the usually neutral colours of cream, grey and brown, accessorise with bright-coloured cushions or neon colours of bright yellow, green, turquoise and orange hues.

If your balcony has windows, strip off heavy curtains and instead use coloured sheers that match the cushion colours to give your space a tropical airy feel.

Also consider semi-reclining chairs as an option if you want to provide a quiet area for one to read while lying down.

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