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Building owners without solar heating systems beware, the Energy Regulatory Commission has began a crackdown

Did you know that there is a law in Kenya that requires buildings consuming over 100 litres of hot water per day to install solar water heating systems, well, a crackdown on those who contravene it has begun.

Under the Energy Regulations (Solar Water Heating) 2012, all premises(residential buildings, health institutions, hotels and restaurant buildings) that require hot water exceeding 100 within the jurisdiction of local authorities with hot water requirements above 100 litres were given five years from 2012 to install solar water heating systems, that deadline ended on September 25, 2017, and the ERC has started premises inspection as stated in a notice issued on May 9.

“The commission is currently carrying out surveillance visits on buildings under construction and random spot checks on existing premises,” said ERC Director General Pavel Oimeke.

The law requires that all architects’ and engineers engaged in the design of houses falling within the law’s requirements to incorporate the said systems in their construction.  Additionally, the law obliges electric power distributors (Kenya Power) not to supply electricity to buildings that have not complied with the law’s requirements.

However, there are exemptions to the law for premises with technical limitations, or those getting supplied with hot water from another plant within/nearby the premises, in addition to those using renewable sources of energy while expending the excess energy to heat water.

Nevertheless, one will have to apply for the exemption to the ERC, which is the state body charged with the responsibility of regulating electrical and renewable of energy, in addition to petroleum and petroleum-based products.

As the crackdown begins, agents from the commission will start premises inspection and if they find an offense, they may issue a compliance notice to the owners or occupiers of the premises. The notice will contain details on what has exactly about your building has contravened the law, the remedial measures to be taken and a period which you have to comply.

All in all, do make sure to only allow the ERC agents access to your premises, once they have shown their official badges-there have been reported cases of fraud under the pretense of such inspections.

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