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Chumo reveals net worth to parliamentary committee

NAIROBI, KENYA: The ex-Kenya Power Chief Executive Officer Ben Chumo on Monday told a Parliamentary committee that his net worth is Sh212 million.

Chumo who is seeking an approval to chair Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) told the legislatures that he does not consider himself rich though he is not on the street and can comfortably support his family of four.

“My estimate net worth as we speak today stand at Sh212 million, I can’t say I am a rich man in relative terms but I am not in the streets there; I can support my family,” he said.

Chumo said two of his kids are currently in college with one studying abroad at Yale University in America.

The embattled former Kenya Power boss Ben Chumo on Monday put on a brave face as he sought approval to serve as chairman of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) despite corruption charges facing him.

Mr Chumo has been charged alongside other top managers of the company with conspiracy to commit an offence of economic crime through fraudulent acquisition of faulty transformers.

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But appearing before the Finance and National Planning committee chaired by Joseph Limo (Kipkelion East), Chumo said the charges could have been a ploy by his enemies to deny him opportunity to serve in SRC.

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