CEC Janet
Mike Sonko
Muthoni Ouko
Polycarp Igathe

City Hall exits puzzling

The exit of county executive committee (CEC) members from Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s government has hit a crisis level. The resignation on Monday by the Education CEC Janet Muthoni Ouko left the governor with only two officials on his executive team with long-term contracts.Ms Ouko’s exit is the latest in a series of resignations that began with that of Polycarp Igathe in January last year.But the situation at City Hall raises public concern given the acrimony between the governor and the departing officials that suggests leadership flaws and chaotic management.For all the powers he has to hire and fire, the governor curiously tends to wait until the officials have quit to call their integrity into question.Worse, Mr Sonko also tends to take rather too long to fill the vacancies, preferring to shift responsibilities to stand-in officials whose roles may not allow them to make or implement substantive decisions required to ensure uni-nterrupted services to Nairobi residents.Prolonged leadership vacuum in public offices has also been linked with increased cases of graft and accountability failures.It is high time Mr Sonko put his house in order.

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