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CMA unveils panel of Financial Markets experts

The Capital Markets Authority board has unveiled a list of 16 prominent financial markets lawyers and practitioners who will serve in the Financial Markets Law Review Panel. The panel has been created to help formulate important capital markets laws and to keep the regulatory body up to date.

According to a statement released by the CMA, the appointees will serve as advisors to the Board. They will provide guidance on new developments in the financial markets and ensure that the markets regulator retains its competitive position in the international stage. Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority is part of the prestigious Global Financial Innovation Network made of 29 leading Capital Markets Regulators from around the world.

The list of appointees to the review panel includes international and domestic legal experts, capital markets specialists, Islamic Finance experts, Tax consultants, Innovation and Fintech professionals among others. Some of the nominees are; Centum Capital Managing Director, Fred Ngari; Tax Expert, Kairo Thuo; Innovation expert and Chief Executive at Twiga Foods, Grant Brooke; International legal specialist, Habib Motari; Domestic legal expert, Paras Shah; and Islamic Finance consultant, Rahma Hersi.

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