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Mohamed Mahamud

Counties to consult public on projects under proposed law

Counties to consult public on projects under proposed law

Senators have drafted a bill that will now make it mandatory for county governors to consult members of the public on the projects they want implemented in their respective areas. Currently, county governors carry out projects of their choice without involving the public. However, this will come to an end should the County Ward (Equitable Development) bill 2018 tabled by the Senate committee on Finance and Budget, become law.This effectively means that county governors and members of the county assembly will be stripped of their influence peddling powers they have been using to ensure that development is skewed to favour areas they enjoy support.“The county executive committee member responsible shall coordinate the process of identifying projects for implementation under this Act in the respective wards and shall, for this purpose ensure public participation,” the bill reads in part.The bill borrows from article 174 of the constitution which sets out the objects of devolution and outlines powers of self-governance to the people and the right of communities to manage their own affairs and to further their development.Mandera Senator Mohamed Mahamud said under the proposed law, residents will be required to identify priority projects for implementation to avoid a situation where projects are launched while stalled ones are abandoned.“This will help in saving public funds from being abused because there is no way a project will be launched while others have been abandoned just because of political differences. If an incumbent loses an election, it should not mean that the projects they started shall stall as it will be punishing the taxpayers,” Mr Mahamud said.The passage of the bill will also promote the decentralisation of functions and provision of services by county governments to ensure equitable sharing of resources.

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