David Gatende

Davis & Shirtliff launches prepaid water meters

Water and energy equipment reseller, Davis & Shirtliff, has introduced a prepaid ‘smart’ meter, facilitating sale through automated mobile taps and cutting on credit default.

The firm’s chief executive officer, David Gatende, said the product, Aqtap from Grundfos, will see consumers load money on ‘smart’ water cards for use in the meter.

“The system allows customers to purchase water credits from the vendor or via mobile money, which is then stored on water cards. A customer will then ‘tap’ at Aqtap to fetch water at preset rates. The system comprises a water management system that collects, processes and publishes data from transactions and operations,” he said.

He added that the new product will help water utility firms collect data on use of water enabling them to plan for better water supply as well as seal loopholes blamed for loss of revenue from unmetered water sales.

“Unattended leakages and non-payment of bills accounts for 40 per cent of revenue losses largely blamed on revenue collection inefficiencies.

The high number of people living in slums has further compounded the water billing problem,” he observed.

Mr Gatende said postpaid billing systems is a major hindrance to efficient water supply leading to rising bills, adding that adoption of a pre-paid system could help mitigate such challenges by ensuring a ready flow of revenue for water before it is consumed.

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