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Decorating for Easter

Easter is a time of gathering around family and friends. Impress them with themed Easter decorative accessories which will set the mood for either a religious and not so religious activities associated with Easter.

Look for decorative items to depict your selected theme such as those based on the Christian crucifixion story which can include symbols of a wooden cross, palm leaves, a crown of thorns or rustic nails and plenty of candles to create a sense of deep reflection and meditation.


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Use the symbols to set on a dining table or at the mantle of a fireplace to get your guests reflecting on the mood of the Easter week.

As most family members will be sitting around the table, select table ware that reflects the Easter activities such as a table cloth or center pieces with key symbols of the religious festival.

A decor setting to bring about the Easter Message using palm leaves, thorn crowns. (Photo courtesy)

If using the Christian religion Easter approach, the week can be a time of deep reflective somber mood, so it would help to use accessories that somehow lift up the spirit and provide a sense of hope as they provide delight to the eye.

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A good example would a flower arrangement which in western countries would depict the spring season but locally the March-April rains also bear forth plenty of blooming greenery.

Palm leaves can be used at the front door or in a broad based flower vase to depict the religious festival of Palm Sunday.

If using bunnies and eggs, buy ready-made Easter eggs from retail outlets or boil and paint real eggs; an activity children would be delighted to do.


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Delight them even further by including a treasure hunt for eggs and incorporating a reward mechanism for those who find the most egg. For a table setting, the Easter eggs can be placed in an attractive bowl and used as a center piece. While pictures of bunnies can be put in strategic places around the home.

Whatever your selection, Easter should be a season to bring out hopefulness to dead situations in your life so let the decor depict a sense of hopefulness of new life that comes with growth of flora and a sense of hope in our spirit for better things to come.

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