Fall in love with your mission on earth

Fall in love with your mission on earth

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Fall in love. Love occurs when two entities are on the same frequency. When you are in love, idea, your conscious and sub-conscious vibrate within the same wavelength. They resonate. I am not referring to the human object of your desire. Allow yourself to fall in love with an idea. What do you truly love to do? Without your purpose identified firmly in your mind, you will wander through life, never quite feeling that you’re “in the flow.” If you’re not on purpose, you will cover a lot of mileage but you’ll be is off course. When you are on you will easily develop the right vision. Armed with the right vision, you will quickly recognise the right goals.Purpose leads to a vision, which leads to goals and its attainment.You are not here to live someone else’s dream. You have got to develop yourself to the point where you do not bother yourself with what everyone else says. Most people have no idea what this means so you really do not want to be listening to them. If you do, you are likely to meet with a tonne of negatives — I told you that most people have no clue what this means. When you believe you have found your purpose, do not allow yourself to be dissuaded by others’ opinions — don’t allow them to tell you in which direction to build.Get past the negatives and find your purpose. It is what gives meaning as to why you’re doing what you’re doing.This means that if you cannot explain why you’re doing what you are doing, it is likely that you are off purpose. Take time, be still, listen to that inner voice, give serious attention to what comes naturally to you and then monetise it.Vision does not always work. It is imperative that you not confuse your purpose with your vision. The sun is the one stable element in the solar system — around which all the planets revolve. Your purpose informs your goal — your sun. It does not move. It follows then that the goals your set based on your purpose do not change. Do not reduce them. Your intelligent, sustained effort, focus, willpower and tenacity are the planets that you ensure will constantly revolve around the perimeter of your sun (your goal).Remember not to lose yourself in planning your activity to the point of inactivity. You know what I am talking about — you see people around you do it all the time.

Most people claim that they do this because they are sticklers for perfection. Look, if you have not acted on it, it cannot possibly be evaluated as being one way or another, can it now? Its proper name is procrastination — whatever you point of view and in whichever language you speak.Recognise that having plotted your course does not mean you can relax and cruise along. You have got to keep your eye on the goals and your activity upbeat.Science may have impressively evolved but auto-pilot does not work here. You cannot delegate this to your co-pilot either. You have got to be physically, mentally and emotionally engaged at the controls and pay special attention to the curve balls that Mother Nature might hurl your way.Resistance is not necessarily negative. If you did not go beyond that certain level in your physics studies, here is all you need to have taken away, without resistance, planes would not only not fly, they would never get off the ground.There is a way to turn any resistance you encounter into the wind beneath your wings.

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