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Features of Kenya Power’s Self-Reading App

The Cabinet Secretary of Energy, Charles Keter last week launched Kenya Power’s self-reading app that is currently usable by postpaid customers. The aim of the app is to improve customer experience by increasing convenience and ensuring that customers can read their own bills online at the comfort of their homes. The new app also eliminates reading estimations which have been resulting in unrealistic bills.

The app is available on Google Play Store where customers can register using their email addresses and their account numbers.

The app allows customers to get their bills without logging in, an option that makes reading bills instant and convenient.  In addition, customers can click the history option on the app to view their power billing and consumption which is also represented in the form of graphs. Customers can also choose on the app to receive their bills through SMS or email.

The self-service app can also be used to confirm the identity of Kenya Power staff by simply asking for the person’s ID number and sending a request through the relevant option of the app. Kenya Power will then send you a notification telling you whether the person serving you is a legitimate Kenya Power staff or not.

The app also enables a customer to add several accounts registered under the same ID number for added convenience.

With the self-service app, you can submit meter readings and request for your bill balance. The billing history option will also show you the bills that have you paid and unpaid bills.

During the launch, CS Keter urged the power distributor to work towards eliminating reading estimates completely.

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