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Feedback: Best fertiliser regime for good harvest from Hass, Fuerte avocados

To obtain maximum growth and optimum yields, it is important to supply the avocados with necessary nutrients. It is, however, dangerous to give excessive amounts on any size of trees at one time as it may cause root damage, leaf burn and defoliation.

The type of fertiliser to be used depends on soil pH. In the planting year, it is advisable not to top dress the orchard since this may retard root development during the first 4-5 months after planting.

After this period, 60g of 26 per cent of N fertiliser should be applied after every three months when the soil is moist. In addition, about 25kg of well-rotten manure should be spread around the trees after each year.

The CAN should be applied in splits. The use of farmyard manure is particularly strongly recommended because it improves the physical condition of the soil and promotes the adsorption in the soil and uptake by the plant of micronutrients.

Dairy goat production is one of the ventures you can hardly go wrong as long as you begin with the right breeds, offer good management for optimal performance and have assured market for the milk produced.

In Nyeri, Dairy Goat Association of Kenya (DGAK) works in collaboration with government to carry out their activities and deliver to farmers services such as maintenance of high quality animals, marketing of dairy goats and their products and trainings. Contact them through 0721398906/0734530201 or email [email protected]

I am interested in farming garlic and capsicum on my 1.5 hectare farm. It is located in Narok, on your way to Nakuru (about 50km from Narok), which means it borders Mau Forest.

It’s not as cold as Mau but nevertheless, it’s cold. My question is, can these two or either of them do well there? I will appreciate your response.

I am a pig farmer in Limuru and I would like to know whether there is a way of weighing the pigs manually in the absence of a weighing scale.

Some of the tapes have scales for cattle, pigs and goats. You can buy from agrovets and always ensure it has the scale for species you keep (pigs).

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