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Feedback: Best practices when growing cabbages

I am a farmer in Bahati Settlement Scheme in Nakuru North sub county. I currently have potatoes, which are at the flowering stage, and doing well. I want to grow cabbages immediately after before I get potato seeds ready for the third season.

Irrigation should be done whenever necessary. It is important to note that cabbage is relatively shallow-rooted, thus may need regular watering if rainfall is not adequate. Critical water requirement is at head formation.

I wish to inquire on behalf of a Class Eight boy who has reared over 130 rabbits along Moi South Lake Road in Naivasha and has failed to get sustainable market for his bunnies. Kindly, how can you assist him to get market so that he raises his school fees?

Justus Maranga

I am Omwami Ashiali from Shitsitswi, Butere sub county. I want to keep poultry and rabbits and I have two questions; Is there market guarantee for them and second, where can I get experts who can guide me with every knowledge and information on the two agribusinesses?

There are two types of mushrooms namely button and oyster. Spawns (seedlings) are the ones which are planted and you have to buy them from Kalro, farmers or any other institution.

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