Feedback: Making profits from an acre

(a) Decide on what to grow. This will depend on the demand, market and climate.

(b) Decide on which system you are going to use e.g. open vs. protected.

(c) The layout of the land must be planned. Care is needed since. Bad layout can be costly. Remember roads, irrigation pipelines or buildings are involved, thus if sited wrongly, such items will be difficult and expensive to shift.

(d) Work out the rotation plan to be followed and details of the cropping plan. This should be early.

(e) The cost of clearing and preparing land must be considered.

(f) It is important to plan for labour.

(g) If fencing or windbreak is needed, decide on the type and material.

(h) Decide on the location of the compost area and whether you will need a heap or pit. It is necessary to provide a place for the disposal of organic debris and also serves as a source of organic matter. It is close to the nursery, in an area which is unsuitable for crop production.

(i) For a nursery siting/area. light shade are preferred. You may also build a lath house. Preferably, nursery area should be at most two per cent of total area. Will also need to decide on the type of nursery to use: seedbed or containerised. If seedbed, raise, flat or sunken.

(j) Irrigation and distribution method: Decide whether irrigation will be needed. If yes, decide on the

system to be used and the water source.

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