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Feedback: Tips on rearing crickets, black soldier flies for livestock feeds

Broiler production is a profitable enterprise to venture into. Within 35-42 days, the birds are ready for the market. For them to gain weight on time, they need high quality feeds starting with the broiler starter and broiler finisher, clean drinking water always, proper vaccination programme, housing and market survey.

Kienyeji chickens are birds that have improved growth and egg production compared to the traditional ones. They are dual-purpose birds meaning we keep them both for meat and eggs. They are hardy and liked by many Kenyans.

I would like to be linked up with a marketing expert. I have a propagation nursery where I grow various plants ranging from vegetables to fruit seedlings. I would like to get more information on where to sell my products.

You need a marketing plan to help you address this matter. This can be part of a comprehensive agribusiness plan that will address all matters on selling your produce, including costs and projections associated with the venture.

Passion fruit seedlings have so many varieties, please specify which one you need. In addition, if you get advice from agriculture departments near Kitale, please note that people like the purple type and this cannot grow well in the soil without a proper resistant rootstock.

Please share the contacts of Egerton Seed Unit, I want their millet seeds. Also, please guide me on where I can get U-15 or Okhale seeds? I tried the P224 from Kenya Seed but it did not germinate

First is that they require little capital and investment, and care and management is very easy. They also need less labour, while the country’s climate or weather is very suitable for goat farming.

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