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Ferry service earns Sh1.9m daily from vehicle toll fees

The Kenya Ferry Services is now netting Sh1.9 million daily from toll charges for vehicles crossing the Likoni channel, up from Sh1.3 million in December, managing director Bakari Gowa says.

This follows increased charges for the cars by between 25 and 35 per cent.

In February, KFS raised charges for the vehicles with those between 3.5 and 4.5 metres long being levied Sh120, up from Sh90 while pick-ups are charged Sh150, up from Sh120.

Tourist vans which used to be charged Sh220 now pay Sh280 while passenger bus fees have been increased from Sh880 to Sh1,100. The toll charges were last reviewed in 2012 with KFS saying the changes are to boost efficiency.

KFS currently ferries more than 320,000 pedestrians and more than 5.800 vehicles daily across the channel. Some 5,400 bicycles use the channel daily.

It projects the passenger numbers will hit 500,000 in the next two years if the current trend continues.

Speaking during a meeting with editors at Lotus Hotel in Mombasa, Mr Gowa who was accompanied by other KFS senior managers said the firm could not charge motorists “commercial rates because we are facilitating trade.”

Mr Gowa said although KFS has been unable to implement some of its plans due to lack of funds, it was happy the government has been increasing allocations to it for development for the past five years.

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