Gulf African Launches Paperless Banking

Gulf African Bank has introduced a new paperless banking technology will keep paper out of the transaction equation in addition to halving the time customers spend in banking halls.

“The shift to digital at branch level will enable customers to complete their teller banking transactions in less than three minutes with no fill in slips required for cash deposits and cash withdrawals.” The bank noted in a statement.

While unveiling the service, Gulf African Bank’s managing director noted, “We understand that our relationships with our customers are a critical source of value which we hope to harness even more with the launch of paperless banking. Our customers can now enjoy seamless experience whenever they visit any of our branches countrywide where this new service has taken the place of traditional paper products”.

This initiative will also be protecting the environment since there will be no more printing of copious amounts of forms to filled in by customers when transacting. It is, as such, a green initiative. Gulf African Bank’s digital strategy is informed by customer needs; customers are always on the move, value time and are more aware of the new trends in the financial industry.

Paperless banking is just one of the projects that the bank has embarked on in the aim to improve their customer excellence and experience a part of their customer agenda. This service adds to the already existing revamped and customer centric mobile banking and internet banking platforms that account for a big percentage of Gulf African Bank’s customer transactions. The bank’s customer agenda involves fully digitizing and further installing self –service channels in the entire bank’s brick and mortar establishments.

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