David Maraga
Gladys Shollei
Justice Maraga
Willy Mutunga

Hasten CJ house repair

That the official residence for Kenya’s Chief Justice, which cost taxpayers Sh310 million, has remained unoccupied since 2013, is a shame. Neither Chief Justice David Maraga nor his predecessor, Willy Mutunga, have lived in the compound, with Justice Maraga currently staying at his Karen home.And now the Judiciary is looking for Sh50 million to repair it.When a suit brought against former chief registrar Gladys Shollei was withdrawn, that was the time when the Judiciary should have acted to ensure that Kenyans do not part with extra money to accommodate the chief justice.Were it not for two police officers who guard the empty official residence every day, the house and a fenced street leading to it would be a dense forest by now.It is time to disburden taxpayers by ensuring that the repair works are done expeditiously and to guarantee that official residences of any public official are put to use as soon as they are acquired.

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