Teachers Service Commission

Hasten release of cash for employing teachers

Reports that the Treasury has failed to allocate Sh6.5 billion for hiring teachers are worrying. As a result of the funding crunch, the 100 percent transition from primary to secondary school now faces challenges since manpower is a vital cog in the transition plan.As we have stated here before, the goal of ensuring that pupils transition from primary to secondary school is a noble one but cannot succeed if there is no proper infrastructure and teaching personnel. According to the Teachers Service Commission, no money has been allocated to hire 12,626 teachers who are required to oversee the 100 percent transition from primary to secondary school in the 2019/20 financial year.The teachers’ employer says it needs to seal the financing gap in order to employ an additional 40,000 teachers. It says that 12,626 teachers are needed each year to ensure the success of the transition programme.It is a great shame that such a great idea of ensuring that no pupil misses out on secondary education can be bogged down by financial hurdles. The government needs to move fast to ensure that those who join secondary school are afforded quality education. It makes no sense sending our children to school only for them to lack adequate space for learning or teaching personnel. What is worrying is that government agencies charged with ensuring funds are allocated and teachers employed seem to be operating from opposing ends. The 100 percent transition goal should have the backing of all government officials to ensure its success hence they should all be reading from the same script. The head teachers have already warned that they are currently experiencing a higher level of stress and anxiety due to the congestion in their learning institutions.The government should ease their pain by providing the institutions with adequate infrastructure, teaching personnel, beds and desks. The main goal should be to ensure that the students receive quality learning but this target would not be achieved if the institutions continue being bogged down by the lack of facilities and manpower. The 100 percent transition policy cannot be deemed a success merely by pushing high student numbers. It can only be attained when the students are comfortable and able to learn with proper facilities and manpower.Some institutions have reportedly received hundreds of students despite lacking the required facilities. This is unacceptable.

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