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How brands use renewable energy (Infographic) 2018

Whether for the sake of the planet, or they came to realize that the conventional energy sources are not infinite, some of the world’s biggest brands embraced green power. Renewable energy, it seems, has never been as relevant as it is today.

Leaving the old ways, and engaging in new, eco-friendly ones to get energy is not only good for the environment, but for businesses too. One of the companies that recognized such benefits is Walmart. Walmart’s efforts toward caring about the planet were even praised by President Obama himself! It is up to you to feel the irony here, but when it comes to total annual green power use, Walmart was even ahead of the US Department of Energy!

Another successful retailer other brands should take an example from is eBay. The e-commerce giant opted for renewable energy sourcing thus cutting their own electricity bills and cutting the damage they were inflicting on Mother Nature. There are numerous types of green policies and ways to fight the good fight of saving the planet. Mega-brands from the whole world are joining the movement of going green and they’re tirelessly exploring the ways to use renewable energy to power their business.

There’re a lot of greens to be made when going green. What’s more, we have the planet to save here! By using renewable energy sourcing, multi-billion brands, as well as small businesses, are not only ensuring a better future for them, but for me and you as well! Read more in the infographic below on how exactly they use renewable energy and how they plan to deliver the vision of better tomorrows!

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