How to get clients to love your brand

Part of being a good businessman is always keeping your promises. Remember, the moment you engage a consumer, you’re officially in a relationship. And for a relationship to work, you need to spice it up.


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What surprises me is that most top business people didn’t go to a specific school to learn what they’re currently doing.

Personally, most of what I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt from friends and mentors. I believe it’s easier to learn from an experienced person who’s already in the field that you’re pursuing. It saves you a lot of time. Anyway, I’ve learnt something this past week.

I stumbled upon a TV show last week that was giving relationship advice. And immediately they mentioned that it’s two-way traffic and both parties need to be happy, I rushed for my pen and paper.

I then did a comparison and it basically turned out to be a business class.

A happy consumer is simply one who returns, which in turn means growth for you. The same applies to your relationship. There’s a reason they say a happy relationship is a healthy relationship.

I think by the time we decide to date, then there’s most definitely potential for love. Love is a commitment we make to always treat a person right and honourably.

Achieving this level of engagement is a dream for every business. The moment the consumer loves your brand unconditionally, you’re in business.

The beauty of this is that even when the company is at its lowest, the consumer will be concerned.

When the brand is doing well, then he or she will serve as a marketer, providing organic support.

I have built an army of Kaka Empire ambassadors, and I’ve heard stories that they defend me in almost all ‘music’ arguments.

Communication is one element that gets the job done. When concerns are shared in a healthy and positive way, then the adjustments made will illustrate that every consumer’s concern is a priority.

Customer care avenues have changed with the emergence of social media, where almost everyone is incognito and free to express their concerns.

But these platforms, as well as the older channels, like suggestion boxes, are all in place to ensure that the consumer is happy.

Remember that the product you sell is directed at the customer, so their input is the most important.

And it’s not one-way communication. How you communicate with your clients is also very important – this means being aware of what your adverts are saying, the language used during customer care phone calls and your social media captions. The impact of this is wider than you imagine, so the moment you decide to put up a communication structure, be very careful with the language.

“Apologising is hard. Forgiving is harder. But without these, a relationship is a ticking time bomb.”

One thing that’s certain is that we’re not perfect and mistakes are bound to be made. In a relationship, it’s healthy to say sorry when you’re wrong, and the other half should be ready to forgive and forget. The application of this in business is sensitive.

We’ve heard stories of companies apologising to the public and giving assurances that a similar mistake won’t happen. By the company publicly apologising, it’s already accepting that it’s in the wrong. The only way the public will forget is if the brand shows its determination to handle the situation.

Hotels have given out free meals, motor vehicle companies have recalled vehicles and compensated their clients, and on and on. So the mode of apology is really important.

I’m not a relationship expert, and I think that’s why I landed on that show. But keep in mind that each and every relationship has its own guidelines and rules.

Taking relationship advice is also a bit tricky – just take what applies to your own situation. When it comes to business, consumer patterns are different, so only pick what works for you.

I might give you 100 pointers, but if you don’t study your own consumers, then these pointers won’t work, and creating a communication channel will be difficult.

You might have all the answers to a relationship, yet still be at a rocky place.

Anyway, I have dinner with ‘wifey’ in a few, so have a lovely business experience and relationship as well, for your happiness affects your business performance.

The writer is an award-winning artiste and entrepreneur.

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