Institute of Certified Public Secretaries
Peterson Mwangi

ICPSK poll risks court opposition amid probe

Today’s election of the chairmanship of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) is facing opposition in court after one of the candidates was locked out of the race.

Peterson Mwangi wants the elections suspended, arguing that he was disqualified on flimsy grounds.

The institute said he was disqualified because his seconder has pending disciplinary case, which Mr Mwangi reckons has not been disclosed to the members who endorsed his candidature.

The suit comes as some ICPSK members called for the ouster of the institute’s board on grounds that last year’s election of its members was based on forged registry with claims of dead voters having participated in the poll.

Mr Mwangi further asks the court to nullify the results of the elections to be held this morning at the ICPSK’s Annual General Meeting, arguing his right was infringed on. Separately, some ICPSK members have issued a notice for the agenda of the AGM to include disbanding the institute’s board and tap a caretakers committee pending fresh elections.

They accuses the institute of dismissing complaints of irregularities that marred ICPSK’s poll last year that has been the subject of police investigations.

The probe is based on complaint that some proxies were not authorized and included one from a dead voter.

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