In the battle of egos, the loser always wins

In the battle of egos, the loser always wins

Keep your mind and your ego always under check. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Once upon a time a spider lived in a cornfield. A big spider with a beautiful nest goes around between corn stems. It becomes fat by eating all the insects that get trapped in its web. It really loved to live on that cornfield and planned to stay there forever. One day, the spider catches a tiny insect on its web, and when the spider goes to eat it, the insect said, “If you let me go, I will tell you one important thing that will save your life”. The spider stops for a moment and listens carefully. “You better go from this cornfield,” said this tiny insect, “Harvest time already here!”The spider smiles and says,” What harvest time are you talking about? I think you just made up a story”. But the insects says, “Oh no, it’s true. The owner of this field will come soon to reap. All the corn stalk will be cut off and the corn will be gathered. You will be killed by a giant machine if you stay here.”The spider answers, “I do not believe in the harvest time or the giant machine that will cut off the corn. How can you prove it?” The tiny insect continues, “Look at those corns. Look how the ears of those corns have completely filled out”.The spider laughs and said, “This field has grown by its own and has no relationship with a creator. Corns always grow like that”. The insect explains more, “Oh no. This field is owned by a person who plants it, the harvest time will be here soon.” The spider grinned and said, “I do not believe”, and then it eats that insect.A few days later, the spider was remembering the tiny insect’s story. He thinks, “Harvest? What a stupid idea. I was here when the plants were just half metre tall from the ground and will be here for the rest of my life because nothing will change on this field. Life is beautiful, and I will make it that way.”The next day was a beautiful day on the cornfield. The sky was bright and there was no wind. That noon, when the spider walks, he suddenly realises there was thick dust moving his way. It hears the sound of a giant machine and told itself, “What is happening?Too much ego will kill your talent: When you are knowledgeable or talented, learn to focus more on what you are good at, else ego will kill your talent.

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Ego destroys everything on its path: Ego is to your mind what sand is to your eye, without clearing it, you can’t probably see anything clearly.In the war of ego, the loser always wins: Apologising does not mean that one is wrong and the other is right; it just means that someone values relation more than ego.However high you go up in life, let your ego lie low: When you stay humble, nothing touches you, neither success nor defeat; neither richness nor lack of it.If you don’t rule your mind, it will rule you: The more you feed your ego, the more power it gets and the more will it rule you. Keep your mind and your ego always under check.

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