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Revelations that the annual migration of more than one million wildebeest from the Serengeti National Reserve in Tanzania to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve is being hampered by fires set by humans is shocking. According to tour operators, hundreds of acres on the Tanzanian side have been on fire for more than a week, which has blocked thousands of wildebeest gathered on the shores of the Mara River from crossing into Kenya.While the Kenyan tour operators accused rangers from the Tanzania National Parks Authority of arson the latter insisted that burning of the grass was aimed at regenerating its growth in the expansive plains.These allegations should be investigated quickly. If proved to be deliberate then such actions would amount to economic sabotage. The migration phenomenon is a major tourist attraction that has put Kenya on the global map. In 2007, it was named the eighth wonder of the world, which is no mean feat.

Blocking the natural wildebeest crossing will disrupt their reproduction cycle and would have serious ramifications on future populations if the route is interfered with.The natural resource is a boost for the economies of the neighbouring countries and no efforts should be spared to ensure that the migratory route is not interfered with.

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