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KenGen Seeks a Consultant to Determine Suitability of Minerals in its Geothermal Brine

Kenya Electricity Generating Company has issued expression of interest for research services for mineral extraction from Geothermal Brine.

Through a tender notice, KenGen invited eligible firms and entities to provide application research on mineral extractions from the hot brine— the waste stream that the firm pumps out of the ground.

All the geothermal plants owned by KenGen are single flash condensing type – the flashing process yields brine that contains mineral elements that could yield more value to the electricity company.

“The objectives of the research are to provide practical applied research approaches to mineral extractions from the brine, develop technological know-how on mineral extractions from brine and to facilitate and foster collaborative research,planning and development with a focus to piloting extraction technology,” Kengen said in its tender documents.

This announcement comes two years after the the State-owned power generator also sought a consultant to assess the feasibility of extracting minerals from the hot brines.

The abundant minerals in the brine are Silica, Lithium and carbon dioxide with other elements present in traceable amounts.

The average Silica concentration in the brine ranges from 600-800 mg/kg with Lithium content averaging at 1.5- 2 mg/kg. The total brine is estimated at 2700 tonnes/hr occurring in several streams that are transversed in the Olkaria geothermal field.

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