Henry Obwocha
Privatisation Commission

Kenya in push to privatise sugar firms as production dips

“We are faced with the biggest tests; actualising the privatisation move in under eight months but again, we have apathy among farmers that has seen reduced sugarcane growing acreage and production, another key element we are supposed to have worked on under the Comesa safeguards. We are faced with the stark reality, seek another extension,” an official in the sector said.

“So far we have agreed to the sale of Miwani. However, we have faced opposition in Nzoia, Sony and Chemelil. We will proceed with the sale of Miwani as we try and settle the issues of the other factories,” Henry Obwocha, the chairman of the Privatisation Commission said.

“We have to make changes to the model we are using to manage the sugar sector. We have no problem even if it means we surrender the governments’ entire stake in the sugar factories, so long as it will be for the benefit of the sugarcane farmers,” Mr Ruto said.

“We will not support the privatisation plans. The national government should pump money into these factories to revive them then hand them over to the county government. We would also like to see the outstanding loans the farmers owe these firms written off,” Muhoroni legislator Otieno K’Oyoo said.

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