Demonstrating Computer Aided Design
Jua Kali
Kelvin Karanja
Kenya CEO.“Through
Paniel Mwaura
SkyTOP Technologies
University of Nairobi

Kenyan company unveils software aimed at designers

SkyTOP Technologies Kenya recently launched the Demonstrating Computer Aided Design (DemosCAD) technology, a skills-based software that enables users to actualise their design ideas on computers, mobile phones and tablets.“This is a purely Kenyan invention and fully patented, which opens immense opportunities for anyone in the world to freely turn their design ideas into reality using 3D,” said Paniel Mwaura, the inventor and SkyTOP Technologies Kenya CEO.“Through this invention Kenya is going to be a technology exporter — from Jua Kali artisans trying to design the next century’s wheelbarrow to a university student strying to discover something new, to curious children addicted to computer games. The market is huge.” The technology was officially launched at the University of Nairobi. The web and mobile based platform also offers training and support to manufacturers, architects, interior designers, engineers, real estate developers and managers and education institutions. Meanwhile, AutoCAD, an American software founded in 1982, is a computer-aided design and drafting software app developed and marketed by Autodesk.

It is mainly used by designers in the fields of architecture and engineering. The Kenyan DemosCAD is a higher version of the American app.SkyTOP engineer Kelvin Karanja said that it is not easy to figure out how to work with it for beginners, and sometimes one needs training to understand how to use the software. This is due to its complex interface.Mr Karanja said that the main difference between the two is that AutoCAD’s tools are used for the actual design and drafting whereas DemosCAD’s tools are used for demonstration of how they work in AutoCAD.“For instance, when you click on an icon for drawing a line in AutoCAD, you get a working space where you start drawing but when you click on a similar icon on DemosCAD, you automatically start watching a demo that shows you steps to take to draw a line in AutoCAD.”

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