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Konza tech city gets Sh400m more in Budget

Parliament has allocated an additional Sh400 million in the budget for completion of Konza city.

The Parliamentary Budget Committee allocated the amount to Konza Technopolis Development Authority, increasing funding for the next financial year to Sh8.3 billion.

The supplementary budget tabled in Parliament earlier had set aside Sh7.9 billion for development of the tech city.

The amount is part of the Sh52.2 billion the government is expected to inject into the setting up of the city’s basic infrastructure. Konza is a key plank of Kenya’s ambition to become East Africa’s tech hub.

However, the tech city’s construction has delayed for years partly due to the lack of funding. It is also part of a long-term goal to attain a knowledge economy by 2030.

The government is expected to provide land and build basic infrastructure after which private investors will lease space and build offices and research centres. Big global tech firms have already indicated interest in having a presence in the city.

Last year the authority awarded a Sh40 billion infrastructure design and building contract to an Italian company. Impresa Construzioni Guiseppe Maltauro will design the infrastructure for phase one of the project as well as procure the necessary material and equipment.

The contractor will also oversee the building of 40km of landscaped streets and set up water distribution system, sewage collection and treatment facilities as well as a reservoir.

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