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Land, Kenya’s most valuable asset

While it’s unfortunate that land is the most sort after asset in Kenya, yet it is so thinly spread amongst the millions in population, it does not nullify the fact that it is a need especially with the increasing cost of living as the years go by. Land in all respects is the current most valuable asset and it by far outweighs most assets because of the fast appreciating value.

Overtime one realizes that there’s so much security in owning land as compared to the alternative of living in rentals and channeling a good percentage of their income to rent.

Rent which, unfortunately does not decrease overtime courtesy of the monetary implications that come with construction of decent modern houses. Considering all the expenses in play, good calculation will imply that owning land and investing in the benefits that come with it have far much richer rewards.

One, in case your source of income is not able to sustain rent payment, you’ll still have a place to go home to.

Two, you get to have a bargain power when seeking loans for investments or other pressing needs. Three, and most importantly, it gives the owner peace of mind to have an asset under their name that appreciates in value.

For the reasons mentioned above, there has been a growing demand from buyers within different financial scales interested in owning land for personal or commercial use. This demand has been the driving force for E-farm to introduce the three main packages that are already getting overwhelming responses.

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The first package is The Inland View Suswa touching the Nairobi-Narok Highway. This is next to the largest upcoming Inland Container Depot through the SGR; opposite the consumer open air market. At Sh500,000 you get to secure an ideal plot for commercial establishment, affordable home apartments and for speculation. The land is fenced and gated and E-farm has the plans of constructing a dairy project.

This aforementioned package sits well with buyers interested in real estate or other commercial land-related ventures. The land is situated strategically to cater for easy transportation, good access to day to day needs and presents a serene environment away from the city’s hustles and bustles.

The second package is Mountain View phase [III] (Juja Farm) that is only 2km from Juja Farm shopping Centre. It’s ideal for residential purpose; with all social amenities around. This prime project is near the upcoming Greater Eastern By-Pass that joins Mombasa road and Thika for Sh475,000.

The Eastern Plains package comprises of an eighth of an acre in Malaa, Kangundo Road. This is about 2 km from Malaa Shopping Centre. This package goes for Sh575,000; an amount that is very much considerable in reflection of the proximity from the tarmac and the potential of growth in the said region.


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E-farm Housing has been at the forefront in the spearheading of the slogan ‘Building Together’. Through the three projects mentioned above it is more than evident that efforts to present options to Kenyans with an average income are at the core of the objectives in play so as to help enhance the lives of every resident.

As most may have already observed, lately the cost of living in the city has been painfully expensive with basic commodities becoming more and more costly as time goes by.

Other than catering to rent, food, transportation, clothing and other needs, there will always be a pressing desire to purchase an asset whose security is guaranteed and one that most importantly will offer even bigger returns a few years down the line should you choose to sell it.

E-farm Housing offers a complete strategy for members where you can buy property with us and sell it within our membership at a market price for the project. This said, it’s not just about land but also about the right land.

The correct choice is what makes all the difference and what gives worth to the investments. Otherwise it will be a waste of hard-earned money on something whose value will not get to appreciate in the long run.


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