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LETTERS: School fires reveal failing societal norms

When I was growing up, upbringing was a communal responsibility. A child on the wrong could be disciplined by any grown up around without worrying about what the child’s parents would say.Those were the days then. However, societal dynamics have changed. Modern parenting is more mindful on welfare than deeds. The society has become liberalised, full of choices, dozens of opportunities, hefty bills to settle and immeasurable demands.Life for a modern parent is always packed up. Every morning comes with an in-tray full of tasks and activities to attend to.

LETTERS: Let’s tackle real cause of unrest in schools

As parents endeavour to accomplish their daily targets and provide for their families, one fundamental task escapes their attention: attending to personalised challenges their children face.On the contrary, they bestow additional roles in form of household chores.Again, our education system is wanting and too demanding. It’s no longer interesting.A normal schooling day begins well before 5 in the morning.Bulky carrier bags are a common feature with every pupil.Seeing them stream in or out of schools resembles a military procession.The difference being, the colour and size of an individual bag. These bags comes with piles of homework that takes students late into the night to complete.Furthermore, every week is an examination week.There are a series of exams and tests lined up in the course of the school calendar. Besides, the society has a lot of expectations from the child.Children are under pressure to perform, conquer and influence.Huge are the demands that they are no longer in control. The piling pressure sparks reaction.Current leadership and opinion shapers are no better.Talk of our political environment; it’s full of insults, violent demonstrations, destruction to property and livelihoods.Demonstrations define how public affairs in Kenya are managed.What’s more can we ask of our children? What they are fed with is what they will give back in return.In any case, theirs is to ape what we have perfected as a society.The media isn’t helpful either. Airing incidents of school unrests and arson only excites more students to follow suit.The role of media worldwide is to entertain, inform and educate. By so doing, they create and shape public opinion and strengthen societal norms.Reporting that can kindle peer influence calls for an in-depth analysis on their implications to the general good and best interest to public order.We need to sit back and reflect on where we erred, lest we forget that current predicament is a collective failure of all.Our children aren’t destructive, theirs is a statement on underlying persistent problems in our education systems.They are looking upon us for solutions.As we guide them to be responsible citizens, authorities should probe the predictability and pattern by which these incidents occur.In some, whoever stands to benefit more from current happenings must be the author of the script and should be held to account.

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