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Making the best out of rainy days

If rainy weather leaves you trapped indoors, then this is the perfect season to beautify your home so as to beat the cabin fever syndrome. Try the no-cost art of swapping furniture to create a different ambience for your space.

This can involve repositioning your bed to a different angle in a bedroom or if you have the strength and energy you can swap furniture to a different room to see the ambience effect.

It is easy to move seats in the sitting room to an opposite spot or remove furniture from the wall and angle the sofas for a closer and more cosy ambience.

Even moving paintings and pictures around will create a new feel in the house. Your office, too, could do with a repositioning of the desk and accessorising the space with colour-themed stationery and files to keep it unified.

To add eye delight to your space, have some personalised items, which you love, such as family photos or childrens’ artwork.

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While at it, don’t forget to manage your front door entrance during the rainy weather.  Place a waterproof mat outside the door and provide a shoe rack in a canopied area outside, which is a polite way of instructing your guests to leave their wet muddy shoes outside.

Include a large floor vase at the entrance to ease folding, storing or accessing umbrellas at the entrance of your house. Inside the door, you can position a plastic floor runner to protect the floor from any wetness and provide indoor crock shoes for guest to wear indoors.

In the sitting areas, place warm rugs on the floor to warm up the space and cushion feet from cold floors and have plenty of throw blankets for one to curl up on the sofa and make the best of a rainy situation.


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