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Matatu hailing app launched for Nairobi commuters

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 7- A local ICT company MobiTill Epesi Smart Transport Solution, has come up with a mobile application system that aims to streamline public transport the same way ride-sharing apps have done with the taxi economy.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Mwangi, the app will schedule matatus and buses in Nairobi which will, in turn, reduce congestion at the terminus.

“We launched Epesi trip planner because we believe it’s a big game changer, especially in bringing order in our city,” said Mwangi.

Passengers will be required to download the Epesi Trip Planner app from the google play store.

Through the app, passengers will access the GPS location of the buses and know fares of given routes in advance.

This will assist passengers to queue at different terminals as they can check which buses are offloading and those loading.

Fleet managers or bus owners will be first required to fit their vehicles with the MobiTill Epesi Tracker which will enable them to access the dashboard screen from the office, then download the App from playstore.

This will enable them to monitor transactions and reports real time, making the running of matatu business easy.

The app further enables identification and authentication of drivers and conductors, also providing a central place to view GPS location, revenue, speed and number of trips.

The CEO Epesi also announced that they are working towards having a cashless payments systems in the next few months so as to increase accountability and transparency.

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Cashless payment system has in the past failed after facing resistance from some stakeholders in the sector.

At the Epesi trip planner launch was the CEO City Shuttle Samuel Kamau who are already enrolled in the system.

“We have made up to 40 per cent more from the MobiTill Epesi Smart Transport Solution,” said City Shuttle CEO Kamau.

Obamana Sacco’s Mark Oyolla from said the resistance to embracing technology is due to lack of knowledge, awareness and fears of crew losing their jobs.

“Proper training of the matatu crew, job security of matatu will play a big role in embracing technology in public transport,” said Oyolla.

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