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Microsoft wins Christmas with awful new Windows jumper

Microsoft has tweeted about a new product that’s so adorably awful we just don’t know how to contain our excitement. The Windows Ugly Sweater is a tribute to the company’s revolutionary operating system, Windows 95.

The predominantly white jumper features the famous Windows flag that has become instantly recognizable for anyone who has ever used a computer. The design has the blockings that Windows 95 users will remember from the loading screen.

Microsoft says that some “lucky fans” will be given one of the promotional Christmas jumpers. It’s not entirely clear how one enters, but presumably using the hashtag #WindowsUglySweater may help.

The company says it’s going to be sliding into winners DMs on Twitter to let them know they now own the best jumper ever.

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Microsoft’s 23-year-old operating system probably looks antiquated to a generation raised on slick smartphones, but when it launched in 1995 it was a revelation.

Windows 95 did away with the old fashioned command line based DOS and replaced it with an advanced graphical user interface. Unlike Windows 3.11, 95 didn’t run on DOS but did incorporate it into the new operating system.

This meant that Windows 95 could continue to run old apps but brought with it proper multitasking and 32-bit support, which revolutionized Windows.

Seriously, how are we not all wearing this and only this jumper?

It also brought with it the Start Bar which users initially moaned about but quickly became a staple of Windows. When Microsoft removed it in Windows 8 there was nearly an uprising, and some companies even developed their own versions for users to install.

In its first year on sale Windows 95 sold 40 million copies. It sold a massive 7 million copies in its first five weeks alone.

Now how do we get one of these jumpers, it’s this season’s must-have!

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