Milk your cow 305 days in a year and other tips from clinic

Muteshi noted that those are deformities and there is nothing wrong about such animals. “With the help of a qualified vet, you can clip the extra teat and teeth usually when the animal is young at about a month. The abnormalities, however, have no effect on the cow’s productivity.”

“Feeding is key in zero-grazing as it constitutes 50 per cent of production. First, ensure you have land where you can grow fodder, with an acre being standard for a dairy cow, especially the Friesians which are heavy feeders,” he said, adding that one can lease land, preferably for more than five years.

Chicks should be vaccinated against Newcastle and gumboro when they are four to seven, and ten days old respectively, and antibiotics, which sometimes are contained in some of the birds’ vitamin-feeds, should be withdrawn at least two days before the vaccination, as they may counteract the vaccine.

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