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Moroccan importer wants DPP, DCI jailed over disputed Mombasa fertiliser

A Moroccan company wants the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) cited for contempt of court.

The firm is accusing the two agencies of going against orders issued by the High Court for fresh tests of fertiliser at a Mombasa warehouse.

High Court judge Daniel Ogembo had on February 13, ordered a fresh taking of samples of the fertiliser held in a go down in Mombasa.

But this did not take place as scheduled yesterday after local police claimed they had not received any instructions from their bosses in Nairobi to allow the fresh tests.

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The court ordered the retaking of the samples on Wednesday and re-testing to be carried out yesterday.

Lawyer Paul Muite said the Government agencies had ignored an order issued by the court and action should be taken against them.

“I have personally visited their offices, they said they had not received instructions from their head offices,” said Muite.

The order had directed that the tests be conducted by the Kenya Bureau of Standards in the presence of all the interested parties and an independent laboratory.

This did not happen.

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“It is sad because we had already brought an independent person to conduct the tests,” said Muite.

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