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National Assembly to Approve Projects Costing Over Sh1bn to Reduce Number of Stalled Projects

The National Assembly is set to approve projects worth more than Sh1 billion in efforts to cut down the number of stalled projects.

The proposal was made by Parliament’s Budget and Appropriations Committee for the 2018/2019 national budget after raising concerns over the delayed allocation of funds for important projects in the agriculture, infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors.

The committee has recommended exhaustive funding, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure that the projects are completed within the given period and to prevent them from facing any budgetary changes within the year.

Some of the stalled projects include Umaa dam, Kenya Industrial Research Institute laboratories in South B, an audit of Mitihani House, footbridges along major roads such as Outering Road whose petition has been forwarded to parliament, construction of a unit at Mama Lucy Hospital and Makueni civil servants housing scheme.

The relevant ministries, state agencies, departments are expected to submit their report on why the projects are not yet complete.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich in January said the Pending Bills Closing Committee will review all impending bills incurred prior 2015. The committee will then offer advice on the pending bills payable to permit for allocations and closure.

In addition, the National Assembly will pre-approve new projects costing more than Sh1 billion starting from next month.

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