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Netflix users say new replay feature annoying

Netflix is testing a new instant-replay feature, that lets you replay a specific scene without having to mess around with the time bar.

The feature, which was flagged by the Los Angeles Times, uses a pop-up notification, which appears after a scene ends, asking the user if they’d like to watch it again.

So far, it appears that it’s only available on Netflix’s original series, films and select licensed content, and it’s unclear if it will be rolled out further.

However, users aren’t enjoying it so far.

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On Reddit, one user said: “Really messed up my immersion. So far it’s happened right after two intense scenesNetflix is testing an instant-replay feature – but users say it’s distracting. Really took me out of the moment.”

Another called it ‘distracting and obnoxious,’ and added that ‘I don’t need a prompt.’

Thankfully, Netflix says it won’t definitely be added.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, a spokesperson for Netflix, said: “We’re trying out a feature which gives Netflix members the ability to rewatch favorite scenes and memorable moments with the click of a button.

“Right now we’re just looking to learn from it and may or may not roll it out more broadly in the future.”

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