Court of Appeal
K Minoti
Muiri Coffee Estate
Ngengi Muigai
Uhuru Kenyatta

Ngengi Muigai loses bid to fast track appeal

A firm owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousin has lost its bid to fast track an appeal seeking to reopen a case in which it lost contest for a Sh3 billion coffee estate in December.

Benjoh Amalgamated and Muiri Coffee Estate owned by businessman Ngengi Muigai had returned to the Court of Appeal arguing that it has a new information that can change the course of the dispute on grounds that a lawyer who purportedly signed consent  to sell the Sh3 billion coffee estate had denied acting for the borrowers.

But it suffered a setback, after court of appeal judge K Minoti rejected the request to certify the case as urgent noting that he was not convinced that the suit has raised any issues that could give it priority over other matters that include election petition appeals which have set timelines.

“Accordingly, I am still not persuaded, as I was not on February 20, 2018, that there are any compelling grounds upon which I can certify this application urgent. Accordingly, I once again decline,” ordered Justice Minoti in a ruling dated May 11.

Mr Muigai is seeking to reverse the court of appeal judgment that paved the way for Bidii Kenya , the company that bought the land from a bank for Sh70 million, to occupy the property.

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