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Since Nokia came back to the smartphone scene we have seen a lot of mid-level to high- end devices in their arsenal. This changed though with the release of the Nokia 1 last year. The Nokia 1 was Nokia’s attempt at the low-end smartphone market and was actually a pretty good one.The phone comes with features that you would expect from a phone of its price tag with a one gigabyte memory and eight gigabyte storage. It’s a pure android phone which makes functionality really good and it also helps that it runs Android Go which is a lot easier on the system.Initially when I held on to it, it felt… small. Maybe that’s because often smartphones come with a 5.0 inch screen and above so this phone with its 4.5 inch 480p screen felt small. After a week or so of using it the perception changed, it wasn’t so bad. I actually started liking the small factor.It fit into my pocket easily and it didn’t weigh much so the long phone calls were not tiring. It features a 5mp rear and a 2 megapixel front cameras. In low light the cameras would struggle but in decent lighting they often perform beyond expectation.Till this point I have had nothing but praise for this phone but it did have its flaws. The automatic brightness, for instance, would take millennia to register changes in light and this caused problems when moving around since most times the screen was either too bright or too dull. The speakers were really good quality but the volume levels offered such a small range so it was either loud or less loud. This can be quite a bother when playing some audio in a quiet room.The phone would last a whole day on a charge but that’s because I wasn’t really encouraged to use it. “Why?” You ask? Because it’s a bit slow. Especially on social media.I would get on Instagram and it would take eons to refresh my feed and I didn’t even dare go to the Explore page because every once in a while it would just freeze up the phone. Going to the running apps and clearing the memory (stopping background apps) would usually fix this.Through all the ups and downs, the phone was a nice experience. It did everything I needed it to and most of the things I wanted it to.

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