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NTSA kicks off refresher courses for 11,000 PSV drivers

All public service vehicle drivers across the country are set to undergo a three-day refresher course.

The transport authority Monday unveiled the training that will also see at least 11,000 long distance drivers undergo rigorous assessment to certify their competence.


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National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) said 54 public service vehicle companies had released their drivers for the training that is taking place across the country.

The training targets long distance drivers who work at night.

Some 12 technical institutes and polytechnics are facilitating the training for three days, starting Monday. In Nairobi, the training is taking place at Kabete Polytechnic.

NTSA Deputy Director in charge of safety Duncan Kibogong said the training was in line with the new driving curriculum released early in the year. The curriculum mandates the authority to re-evaluate the competence of drivers.

“The issue about training is not that you cannot drive. We are aware that most accidents that happen are as a result of how the driver behaves on the road. It is not about the vehicle or the condition of the road,” said Dr Kibogong.

He, however, added that training had been motivated by statistics, which show that 67 per cent of accident fatalities happen at night; between 6pm and 7am.

This means from last year’s number of 2,919 fatalities, some 1,955 lives were lost during the night. Also 80 per cent of accidents, he said, were as a result of human error, particularly the driver.

Last year in December, NTSA banned night travel after a string of accidents that saw 356 people lose their lives in that month alone. Some 240 died in November.

All the 11,000 drivers will have their medical status reviewed.

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