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Nyong’o decries revenue theft in Kisumu

Published Fri, May 18th 2018 at 11:09, Updated May 18th 2018 at 11:11 GMT +3

KISUMU, KENYA; Kisumu governor Prof Anyang Nyong’o now wants to enlist the support of the Kenya Revenue Authority to boost collection from the current Sh1.2 to Sh4.5 billion.

Nyong’o disclosed to the press on Friday that the revenue collection in the County was still 40 percent less the targeted threshold.


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He gave an example of sense data that showed out of the possible Sh4.5 billion revenue targets, the county was only able to collect Sh1.2 billion.

This is even after automating their receipting and licensing systems to boost their revenue earnings, Kisumu still loses millions of shillings each financial year.

”I am so surprised that before devolution came in, the defunct Kisumu Municipal Authorities was able to collect up to Sh2.5 billion at times in a year,” he explained

But soon after the devolution, the figure drastically reduced to Sh1.2 billion, and further came down to Sh900 million when the County governments came into operation.

”These glaring disparities in revenue collections points to theft. We must do all we can to avert this as soon as possible. This is why we want to partner with KRA,” he explained

The disparities in the figures showed that ”someone was collecting and pocketing the cash and not remitting to us,” claimed Nyong’o.

The governor said they have now instituted thorough investigations and the culprits nabbed would be axed from the service.


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