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Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach
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Tourist Information Centre

One-stop information centre now open for tourists at the Coast

“Apart from the safari and going to the beach, we need to make tourists more interested and engaged while on a visit to Kenya. We need to have an app for Mombasa and Kenya as a whole with various destinations of interest that tourists can easily use to find the locations online. We need to make our cities of value,” CS Balala told the industry players.

The centre, which was renovated at a cost of Sh2.3 million, is expected to give information to tourists on a variety of destinations in the Coast and Kenya as a tourist hub.

The CS said the location of the office was at the entry to the city and was the first point of call by sailors.

He said the Tourist Information Centre was borne from the partnership between the Kenya Tourism Board and the Kenya Coast Tourist Association.

Mr Balala said the beach fronts at the Coast will be lit to allow hotels have events at the beach.

“We will also develop projects in this region. We are currently working to develop the Mama Ngina Drive as the Mama Ngina Water Front.

“We also working to see how best we can landscape the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach so that our local visitors can have proper facilities like toilets, restaurants and safety measures like Fire Brigade and dispensary in conjunction with the County government.” Mr Balala said.

He said by improving the beach destinations at the Coast, Kenya will be able to increase the tourist numbers from the current 1.4 million international arrivals to five million by 2030.

“It is the beach destination that is going to take up that bulk of volume that we are going to bring. It is a good opportunity to partner with the private sector and also the political leadership in the region to improve our products.

We want to increase our numbers from 1.4million international arrivals to 2.3million in 2022 and to 5million by 2030.” The CS said.

“We have rolled out one in North Coast, working together with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), we have hired casuals who have cleaned the beaches from Shanzu to English Point Marina.” CS Balala said.

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