Auditor-General Edward Ouko
Medical Equipment Services Programme
National Assembly
Opiyo Wandayi
The National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee

PAC fights Senate on leasing medical equipment audit

The National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has cautioned Auditor-General Edward Ouko against implementing a Senate directive to conduct a special audit on leasing medical equipment for counties. PAC chair Opiyo Wandayi said it is unconstitutional for Senators to order Mr Ouko’s office to scrutinise the Sh63 billion Medical Equipment Services Programme, saying the matter was before the National Assembly. “The money in question was spent at source and any inquiry into the matter must be domiciled in the National Assembly, specifically by the PAC which I chair,” said Mr Opiyo, adding that the leasing cash was spent by the national government and not counties. “It is unfortunate that the Senate did not even bother to establish if we had taken up the matter and just jumped onto the bandwagon by purporting to make some ambiguous recommendations,” he said.

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