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Portal brings together 36 regulatory agencies

A government trade portal that provides international traders with access to trade regulation information online has brought on board 36 licensing and regulatory state agencies, the Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) has said.

The National Electronic Single Window System (Kenya TradeNet System) has also brought on board key actors of the Mombasa port community including clearing agents under the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (Kifwa), shippers, ship agents, and Container Freight Stations (CFS).

The Kenya TradeNet System, is managed by KenTrade, a state corporation under the Treasury that is mandated to facilitate cross-border trade.- KenTrade chairman Suleiman Shahbal said the agency seeks to ensure that all importers conduct all their trade-related documentation through the Kenya TradeNet System.

“With the increasing integration of economies around the world, facilitating smooth flow of trade by having the Kenya TradeNet System as the only ‘one stop shop’ for all trade logistics should be our priority,” said Mr Shahbal during his inaugural visit to KenTrade offices in Nairobi on Monday.

KenTrade chief executive Amos Wangora said the agency has also implemented the information for trade in Kenya portal (InforTradeKenya).

This is a web-based platform which the government is using for publishing trade regulatory information from government offices, ministries and agencies that implement various regulatory requirements on international trade.

It also provides current, potential traders and other stakeholders with total transparency on rules and procedures relating to import and export formalities, through “detailed practical and up-to-date descriptions of steps to go through, as seen from the user’s point of view” to assist them to make informed business decisions.

Mr Wangora said the linkage between the InfoTradeKenya and the Kenya TradeNet System is that the latter enables centralised handling of international trade documentation for imports, exports and transhipment for approvals.

The Kenya TradeNet System is an online platform that serves as a single entry point for parties involved in international trade and transport logistics to lodge documents electronically, for processing, approvals and to make payments electronically for fees, levies, duties and taxes due to the government, on goods imported or exported in the country.

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