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International Financial Affairs and Development at
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Positive impact felt from $2bn French input in energy, water, road projects

Deputy director for International Financial Affairs and Development at the General Directorate of the Treasury and board member of AFD.

Director of the Office of the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade;

The deputy secretary general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, responsible for economic diplomacy;

1997-2000: Worked for France’s economic and financial policy-making body and conducted control missions in the energy and defence sectors;

We also have ongoing works on the interconnection between Kenya and Ethiopia. The line to be commissioned in 2019 will be the main interconnection in East Africa.

We are active in transport all over the EAC, mainly on airports, ports and roads. In Kenya, we participated in the rehabilitation of Terminal 1A of JKIA.

So we are not just limited to the energy and water sectors but have also identified key infrastructural projects across the region to which we offer financing.

We have worked around Lake Victoria to improve the water quality. In Kenya, our focus has been on urban water — with more than $600 million invested in the sector in 20 years, and $408.6 million in ongoing projects.

In Uganda, more than 500,000 new beneficiaries have accessed clean water. We are financing research on water quality and sources of pollution for Lake Victoria on Murchison Bay in Uganda together with Makerere University.

This is complementary to what other partners are doing, especially the EU which provides to the region with grants from the European Development Fund, of which around 19 per cent comes from France.

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