Prosecution of Dubai Bank chair lawful, says DPP

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has said in court that it commenced prosecution of former Dubai Bank chairman Hassan Zubeidi based on sufficient evidence provided by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The DPP and DCI in their ground of opposition to the suit filed by Mr Zubeidi seeking to stop his prosecution says the matter is of public interest, noting that the process of investigations or even subsequent charge did not infringe on his constitutional rights.

Mr Zubeidi moved to court last year opposing his prosecution over alleged malpractices at Dubai Bank, now under liquidation, and obtained orders stopping his arrest but with a caveat that allowed DCI to record his statements that would help police with their investigations.

“That the first and second (DCI and DPP) respondents pray therefore that the petition be dismissed, rejected and/or declined or refused by this court for lack of merit,” states the papers filed on May 4 at the High Court.

The agencies argue that there are sufficient safeguards available to Mr Zubeidi during the process of trial in two criminal cases at the magistrate court.

Justice Eric Chacha Mwita on Monday extended the orders stopping his arrest until October 3, 2018 when the case will be heard.

Mr Zubeidi, who describes himself as the former non-executive director of Dubai Bank, accused the DCI of persistently engaging in actions aimed at incriminating him with all manner of protracted misdeeds that affected the lender.

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