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PSK launches platform to track patients’ drug history

The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) has partnered with Smart Applications International, the maker of biometric cards, to establish an information management system that will offer medication reconciliation for patients as well as health practitioners. The Green Cross electronic hospital management information system is a cloud-based platform that will help pharmacists across the country to identify patients to eliminate risks that come with issuing prescription drugs.PSK President Louis Machogu said that for the elderly and those taking several prescription medicines there is increased risk associated with medication errors on admission.“Medication reconciliation can significantly decrease errors. It involves obtaining, verifying and documenting a list of the patient’s current medicines and comparing this list to the medication orders and the patient’s condition to identify and resolve any discrepancies,” he said.Dr Machogu added that many errors are introduced to a patient’s medication regimen when transferred to other facilities or one takes over the counter medication.“When a patient is transferred to another facility he can simply carry on their card or phone all the medication history.”This move comes on the back of a spike in medication abuse.

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