Ksh 0.35
Super Petrol
The Energy Regulatory Commission

Recommended retail petroleum prices for July-August

The Energy Regulatory Commission has determined maximum retail petroleum prices of petroleum products which will run from 15th July-14th August 2018.

Super petrol increases by Ksh 3.39 while Diesel and Kerosene have decreased by Ksh 0.35 and Ksh 1.48 per litre respectively.

The changes in this month’s prices have been as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 5.54 percent from $700.01 per ton in May 2018 to $738.77 per ton in June 2018; Diesel decreasing by 1.11% from 689.62 per ton to $681.99 per ton and Kerosene decreasing by 1.91% from $745.54 per ton to 731.27 per ton.

The ERC notes that motor fuels adulteration is detrimental to the economy with conservative estimates putting the total loss to the country at Ksh 9.2Bn per annum.

“The commission urges motorists who experience jerking, excessive smoke from the exhaust, loss of engine power and sometimes complete engine stalls immediately after fueling to report to the commission through hot line numbers 0708444000 and 0709336000. This will enable the commission to undertake comprehensive tests of the motor fuels in the suspect retail station and sanction the operators.”

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